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Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Waiting on the Blue bird

I drifted off to sleep and found myself caught up in the 
most peaceful dream.and at that moment all 
was as it should be... words faded 
 and love surfaced.

One cannot stop that which flows though the heart...
as one soul unites with another.

I am not as strong as people think
 or as wise as once was said,
or I would have pleased
my heart and brought
 to this road an end.


The road looks as if you can travel over the mountains
and through the trees,but it always circles back like a
haunting memory.

Here I am at the beginning looking that down twisting and
winding road and no matter how fast I think I am traveling
it is still awfully slow.

Only a fool holds the gift of love 
and fails to acknowledge it.

Words are only an invitation to the wants of the heart
and the needs of the soul.

I was watching the current and it sure did rise,
up so fast before my very eyes. It seemed on
a mission with no direction insight, so I gave
it my heart to take to you tonight. 

Faster and faster flows the stream,
down through the hollow to where
the river meets. Knowing you are
 near brings you even closer to me,
as close as seeing you in my dreams

The rain kept a coming it was pouring
fast, made its own tune as it hit the glass.
Still gazing out the window at the swollen
stream and slowly I began dancing to
your memory.


I'm sitting here and singing,
singing words of love, singing
the words that only the angels
above speak of.

I'm accompanied by the long
drawn out rain, each drop
falls to my heart and lays
to the moment a claim.

I feel the wings of my angel
sweet and as I am soaring
I have you right here next
to me.

The river is now swelling and
the shore is not to be found,
but even in a storm your love
is all around.

I feel something special and I
acknowledge that it is so, my
heart won't ever let it go.

The clouds of darkness play
a silly game, but I know behind
there is many more sun rays.

It was partially my parents ethnic upbringing and just my general love of music that made me appreciate the diversity in music. From the varied cultural music to the Irish folklore, I found the various styles of music to be uplifting, fun and that it had away of bringing joy to the day. To this day I still feel empowered in a magical kind of way  when I spontaneously sing and dance, whether standing in the rain, in a sunlit field or in the kitchen.
The mind is an incredible source of energy and it is constantly being influenced by what we subject ourselves to.  It is truly fascinating that which triggers thought and creates the flow that fuels the mind. After a few days of battling the flu or respiratory infection, I found myself regaining positive thought by my customers needs and all that which sat waiting for me to finish up. Like curtains now drawn open my vision cleared. Though I think I merely replaced one thought with another. Thoughts of ugh despair were now positive thoughts of joy, awakening to life like the first day of spring.

Circling around like a child dancing in the rain,
each raindrop woke my spirit and renewed
what love had already claimed.

Replacing the gray skies with shades of baby
blue and reminding me how wonderful it
is to to see your love shine through.

My heart felt at ease as the darkness
disappeared and as I felt the joy of
love in the air.

Something special was happening, like
a flower set to bloom and I knew that
I had surfaced from thoughts of doom.

The rain it just kept falling like a shower
to my soul, it washed away my yesterdays
and allowed happiness to unfold.

The wind began to blow and I felt it
deep inside and at that very moment
I thanked the Lord that I'm alive.
Spring time blossoms of Quince in bloom, 
chasing the seasons under gray skies and blue.

It is not that I know the direction
or what tomorrow will bring, but surely
there is a reason for every happening.
There is a chill that runs deep...with every dream there is a glint of hope.
Once I thought of giving up... only thought of it!

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Amazing Blog!!!! Beautiful pictures, and loving words. Together they are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!