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Pictorial Prose
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Sunday, April 03, 2011

Pumkin Run

There was a silence on the river, the water barely moved. No boats, barges, ducks or geese nor sounds of song birds in their mating call. Mesmerized was I as if I were in a trance and caught up in the moment where  spring and I would begin to dance. The gifts of nature appeared relatively small but they are there to mark the beginning and to that I stand in awe. There were the blooms of the Dutchman in feather like leaves and some flowers that I could not identify which for a short time would reveal that is indeed spring. The season  now in full session and no longer does it feel  the masque for once what winter concealed , spring  remove with blades of green grass. The trees stand tall as they wait for each bud to open wide and soon the barren branches will be dressed in leaves that brawl with the wind to reach the blue of the sky.
I climbed down in the hollow, I walked the mountain stream and I gathered all the images both large and small that could be seen. There was the newt that wiggled as he tried to get away and the empty nest of last years birds that stood strong through the winter days. I felt I was on a journey and the ten year old was free and for just one special moment, it was the wind, the trees and me. I looked at each milestone as I passed them along the way and wondered what it all meant, was I like a season that would someday fade?
It was I who made the choices and step by step I walked and to the hills no whispers, yet somehow my heart began to talk. It spoke of fears,happiness and desire and what caused it to beat so fast and set my heart on fire. The afternoon was without sunshine, the clouds of gray ruled the day and yet I was still thankful that signs of winter would be replaced with the Month of May. 
Nature tells a story and only few will stop to listen and if they open up their heart and with the moment share,they will find such magic in the gifts that spring has spared. Nothing stops the moment, it is true that time will not stand still and so we must challenge each and every day and climb the most difficult of hill.

I am merely a pawn in Natures game of life.
To love and be loved is the mission of the heart, 
to respect and be respected is the souls quest.

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