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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Googlebot and I

 I can't seem to fall asleep and as I look at the time it's now my usual wake up time. You gotta love what momma had to say. " she would say" there is no point in worrying,cause worrying never does any good " and of course the line" if you think you have it bad someone else has it worse" Que sa ra, sa ra what ever will be will be. As I lay here with my thoughts adrift, I went over in mind about what it is  that is so important that money can't buy and by all means only one thought came to mind is of course the obvious is health. Though I was thinking more on the line of  happiness, it is the most precious experience, easily attainable and yet rarely experienced. Again I thought about the times in my life when I was the happiest. I briefly scanned my memories, I didn't want to confuse contentment with happiness, for we can be content and not happy or happy and not content. I relate to content with a comfort zone and happiness to excitement. The unexpected seems to cause a love of excitement. I remember being at the ocean and joking with my son about the sharks in the water and being silly I said if a shark comes our way don't worry about me just run to shore and at that very moment a few feet away a dolphin jumped completely out of the water. I was amazed at the size and how small we are to such a beautiful creature. The unexpected it does get the blood rushing.
There are all kinds of ways to make a person happy and I guess I am dwelling here a little on personal happiness. Interaction, when you can make a person laugh and smile and you can smile and laugh back , that is happiness.
Balance,I always thought mother nature taught that lesson best. If you want a healthy garden , you can't have to much of a good thing, it has to balance the sun, the rain and the nutrients. Life is the same way, we need the sun the rain and the nourishment. Of course most people will think nourishment which comes from food,which is important for life, but I was thinking of nourishing the soul. 
Some people call the past, old luggage, but that to brings to mind something that of one my son's doctors said. Nicholas had broken his arm into two pieces, it was a severe break or as they called it a compound break, because at the time and his age he was so young , I was concerned that they didn't cast it nor set it. But the doctor said that because he was growing so rapidly that the bones would bond and heal and grow with him. But as the doctor looked over at me he said" Don't worry mom his arm will be stronger where it scars over than any other place on his body" I found that to be true across the board that in life the scars don't become old luggage but lessons and we are stronger from the experience than we would be had we not have had it. I also believe each experience alters our character in various ways. Who we are and who will be is somehow formed , I'd like to think of it as growth, but never the less each experience heightens our awareness and either leads us forward or has us sliding back. " Which I tend to believe by the time we have made it to first grade our personalities have already taken form. 
I have been most excited in my life when I was allowed to be myself and accepted for it. No past, no future, the present being , who I am and to be understood and loved for who I am. Nothing is more exciting in mind then loving and being loved. I remember when my children were young and I taught them to dance in the kitchen they couldn't wait for their turn and as they grew up it was " mom you are crazy, that is so embarrassing"  I still love to dance in the kitchen, I close my eyes and I imagine that I am not alone and that I am indeed on the clouds. Take my hand let me pull you close, on my cloud you are the best dancer in the world. 
The night has quickly passed by and I am not sure whether to roll over and try catch a few minutes or sleep or stay on this second wind and get some work done. I guess it depends on my dream lover, Open your arms and I will roll on over. From my soul through my heart to your lips ...good night!

Life is like a puzzle, everyone a piece trying to fit in.

There is a mystery to the sense of emotion,
when you feel abstract in thought. 
People only reveal to others what they want them to know... 
to remove the layers takes time and patience.

It is the balance of life and death that makes us all so vulnerable, 
giving a new meaning to, " so much to do,so little time"

If I could stand still time, I would be very selective
 in what I was doing at the moment.
Trust is the most important element in a relationship,
without it the blocks of life having nothing to build upon.

I need nothing more than to feel your love.


Margie said...

Lovely writing, Rachel.
I believe that happiness a state of mind!
For some reason I was (or seemed to be) quite unhappy today.
But, then I counted all my blessings and I was completely happy!

Thanks for sharing.

Margie :)

Rachel C Miller said...

Hi Margie
I think happiness is more than a state of mind, I feel like it is an unseen energy that strikes the right cords within the heart and soul. Like turning the lock until you get the right combination and after you unlock all the emotions within the flame of passion escapes with the laughter of the soul.
I am glad you found the combination that brought you happiness today.

Be well

P. S. there are many forms of happiness but the one that is most rewarding is when you strike the chords within yourself and dance magically upon the clouds. It is the high on life,but it seems with every high comes a low...key balance.