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Pictorial Prose
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Saturday, April 09, 2011

One to Many

One to many movies, one to many dreams,
one to many heartaches and one to many memories. 

The Hopeless Romantic

The heavens rule the night sky,
stragically they place the stars for
you and I dance on high.

The moon never fades from the
sky, I can see it like your both
 day and night.

I want all of your embrace, the kiss in
the morning and the warmth of your body
that makes the heart race.

I don't completely understand and I don't
know the why, must someone must see
the world same way as I .

Oldie but goodie,

It is front page news, to introduce to you, the
love that I feel when I am here with you.
This  little celebration is my proclamation
announcing my love for you.

We see what we want to see but the truth 
reveals itself even when denial rules.

I love the feel of cotton, soft against my skin,

 reminds me how gently I was touched from within...

Sings>I saw the dream and I believed
 my love for you would it make happen
 my love for you would make it happen,
my love for you would make our
dreams all come true.

I felt the magic deep within my soul,
I knew you took a hold and that
someday, we would side by side
until the ends of time.

Walking through life with my eyes closed, so that I can be in your arms.

I never imagined what life would bring,
confusing all my dreams with reality.
I wanted you here , I needed you my
dear and there is where this dreams begins.

I felt your love in a thousand dreams, your
arms around me for eternity. The script was
not mine it was purely divine, written words
of love for you.

I can feel  your tender touch and that is how
I imagine our love. Dancing in my dreams,
creating a fantasy of a love without an end.


Love puts us one step closer to the celestial heavens. 

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