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Pictorial Prose
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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Seeks the Warmth of Love

Sings>It's an early moon filled night, stars above and there in the heavens is a silhouette of love. Dance my love, dance with me, dance under moonlit skies with your soul next to me. Love my darling, love with all your heart, love me like I loved you from the very start. I look back and the road begins to fade, traveling down a highway, what is there to gain? Tears of yesterday still flood from my eyes, I touched the heavens and I tumbled from the sky.

I am neither here nor there,
somewhere in between,
as somethings are a fleeting
moment, a passage of time
and then there is forevermore,
that plays with this heart of

Reality speaks the loudest
and of course causes most
of the pain and so I close
my eyes and drift far away,
to a place where dreams
are comfort and memories
have their say.

Love is all around from the
beginning to the end of the
day and I dare not open up
 my eyes in fear that it will
fade away.

There is no darkness like
in the never ending abyss and
yet I know what crossed my
path shall not disappear and
to my heart remains the kiss.

Running shall not fix it nor does
hiding have a say, so I stand
before the heavens , to lead me
on my way.

I cannot see tomorrow and today
is still a blur and once more I question
if my soul has truly been heard.  What
direction shall it take me? shall I
stumble once more? for I am neither
here nor there, but some where in

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