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Pictorial Prose
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Sunday, July 24, 2011


Love is found within your own heart and shared via the soul!

Follow Me

Follow my heart love,
follow the dream, take
my hand and follow me.

Over the mountains,
beyond the sky of blue,
down the path of happiness
to one you love so true.
Within Your Arms

The heavens were calling,
the angels sang their song,
the world now falls in silence
as I sleep within your arms.


 Seven, Eight and Nine

I looked back at the child,
I turned to get a glance at
what she could see. The
houses all had a doorway,
but I couldn't see anything
except for the trees.

The years were all forgotten,
I erased them all from my
memory. Like a ill willed
dream, it all faded in a
cloud to pass by me.

I can see the gardens,
I can hear the bells,
I can walk the steps,
from the house of hell.

Sweet Dreams
The night has settled, the tree frogs sing along,
as I prepare for bed, I sing a love song.
The words eternal, will find their place and
when my time on earth, is up, may our
memories of love remain.

Good night my darling, sleep well, feel my
love as it is real and not a spell. Close your
eyes  and I promise I'll be there, to kiss you
goodnight and my heart share.

From My Heart to Yours

This love extraordinary indeed,
is sent from my heart to yours,
through the channel of dreams,
is where we will explore.

Embraced with joy, filled with
happiness and covered with a
blanket to hold close our kiss.

From my heart to yous, I give
eternal bliss, just close your
eyes my darling and allow
our lips to kiss.

Don't let me go....


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