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Pictorial Prose
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Thursday, July 07, 2011

Life is too short

 Treasure fine, like silver kisses and gold sunlight,
crystal waters and gem like dreams and all the
joy you bring to me .

The Gardenia now set to bloom,
fragrant flowers prepare to caress
the moon , the stars in the sky, blue
birds passing by and I begin to
dream of you.

The hollow holds a tale or two, it
knows how much I love you, the
secrets that are yours and mine,we
 keep for all time in our hearts and
in our minds.

I dance each night under moonlit skies,
imagining you by my side, to your heart
beat, a rhythm of love I keep, step by
step to your side.

No rain is in sight, when I think of you
I feel such delight, like sunshine resting
over the hills each night. My thoughts
of you make the night sky blue with
stars that twinkle your name.

Life is too short to spend it wishing away the day,
to cry the tears of loneliness in memories of

To dream each moment of an hour in a day
and to wonder what it would be like if the
road led a different way.

Life is to short in many ways, from the moment
we wake up and until the sun sets each day.

 To gaze unto the nightly sky and imaging how
it would be to have your love for all eternity. 

Life is to short to let go of love for nothing
is more magical than a kiss from the one you love.

To miss out on the passion of embrace and
the feel so gentle that nothing can replace.

Life is to short to live each day in fear and
and spending the day wondering if someone cares.

To worry about things we can't change and to
feel the sorrow of  the pain which still remains.

Life is to short to allow the gray skies in and so
I open up my heart and let your love in.

To wonder what you are thinking  and what you
are doing ,as long as I have you love, I'll hold
on to this smile.

Life is to short to let the heaviness way us down
so I give to you my song of choice to lift you
from the ground.

To unpredictable is the time we have and I refuse
to spend it lyaing around and being sad.

Life is to short to forget to say the words of love
to you each and everyday.

To not seize the moment would be a monumental loss,
and that is why I give my heart in romantic game of toss.

Life is to short to fight the battles of despair and so I
release them and replace it with love in the air.

To short to be in a dissarray and that is why I am
 cluttering and letting only happiness remain.

Life is to short not to shout from mountains high,
so I am climbing to the to top to tell what is on  my mind.

To lack the courage would only cause a scare, so I
sing out loud the words" I love you" in hopes that you hear.


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