Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Happiness is my soul as it soars free....

 So gentle and warm is love that it can be felt at a distance
and create a flame that cannot be doused.

Free as the blue bird that passes by,
free as the angels in the heavens high.
Free to hold your hand, walk along
the sand, free to love you as I do.

 There is no sadness nor darkness to blanket the day, for we are in the midst of summer and we have chased away the gray. Comfort and contentment, the magic of a smile, somethings are worth rejoicing as we walk and surface above our trials.

I feel your love, it took a hold me, makes the day so wonderful as if my heart can see. I know you are with me, I I have known for sometime, you make my world so beautiful, you gave to me your smile. 

My heart sings of the love we share, my soul reveals that yes I really do care. Star lit summer skies, moon hanging full and bright and the dreams that only lovers can have reveal a midnight delight. 

There is a little insanity in all of us, for I am crazy over you. 

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