Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

...to love and be loved.

One thought, a word or  maybe two
and there I find the dreams that take
me back to you.

One memory, one broken heart,
one tear upon my cheek left to
my soul a scar.

One moment, one day and
one kiss in my heart remains.

I can reach the stars and fall back to the earth, 
 with just one thought of you my love this alone gives my life such worth.
To the top of the mountains,
across the meadow lands,
beyond the hollow and the
hot grains of summer sand,
whispers my heart of all my
love for you.
The heart is capable of regenerating the energy to love again.


Taking a deep breath and blowing away the emotions
that imprisoned my soul for so long.

The  puzzle is a reminder of the importance of each piece, 
as the heart is a reminder of the emotions struck.

There are a multitude of experiences, 
it is the ones of comfort that reveal the truth...safe once again in your arms. 

My wealth exceeds both heaven and earth for I have
been granted the opportunity to love and be loved.

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