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Pictorial Prose
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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Fifth Season

The stream just trickled over the hollow's rocks,
the water crisp and cold seemed as if  it could talk.
The secrets of a lifetime, the dreams of yesterday,
the whispers from my heart that shall never fade away.

The grapes have yet to ripen and they wait another day,
the road I have yet to travel gets farther along the way.
The spider on the petals and a insect or two neither
knows their fate when storms come moving through.

The season of love...


Anonymous said...

You must live in a make believe world, one lonely person with lots of issues but that's a bad thing not too people have what you have .I wish you happiness maybe some one will come and give you love .

Rachel C Miller said...

I live in a very real world...far from fantasy. But for me pictorial prose is a step away from my reality and a place where I have a sense of peace.

Anonymous said...

Interpretation is what makes a song reach everyone's heart and a story become ones own.

Rachel C Miller said...

Wow! a busy morning from anonymous. Let me start anonymous 1. Do I live in a make believe world? No it is very real! 2. Am I lonely? There are many ways to be lonely. 3 Not many people have what I have. Well that is true we are all individuals and we dictate our own choices in life. 4. You wish me happiness and that I shall have love. Thank you I have my moments of happiness and not but that is life as we work through what you refer to as issues. Giving love...love is powerful the magic is not only in receiving but in giving.
Thank You

Rachel C Miller said...

Anonymous number 2 well interpretation does vary with readers. The reason I choose to write, why people choose to read and how each person takes the words and views them is very different. We are similar as humans with emotion and yet each story unique. That which one see's in the words depends on their own journey.

There are many kinds of love but the meeting of souls is quite unique.
Thanks for your comment.