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Pictorial Prose
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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Blessed with Your Love~

In the blue sky, through the river and
in the waves of the sea, I see your love
gentle and free. Like a rose as its petals
open wide, you're love is revealed from
deep inside.

The lark, the tree frog and the night sky,
create a symphony for you and I. Like
the music played on the strings of my
heart, your love fills every inch of the dark.

Sunlit mornings and moon rays at night all
 lead me to the love of my life. Our dance
 on the stars high above, with my hand in
your hand in our forever love.

Thousands of dreams have nothing on us
as we are of love and not of lust. Look my
 way sweet darling and you will see that
we are more than a silly old dream.

Happiness is when I am with you and the
world passes by leaving skies of blue.
Peaceful each moment we share, when I
close my eyes and you appear.


Sentimental Memories...

Speak with my soul and listen with your heart and 
you'll know the truth my love from the very start. 
What matters more than anything is that our souls have met
and as I gaze into the nightly sky, into your arms I step. 


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