Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hot Summer Day

The early morning sun piercing through the trees,
reflecting off the mountain stream, danced upon
the leaves.

Amazed was I of the this magical display where
nature comes together to entertain with a light
show from common rays.

Nothing can compare to a hot summer day,
where I find myself dreaming the day away.
Imagining how wonderful life could be, just
to share the simple things like a cool summer

I was driving down the road with the sun to the west preparing to give the day a rest. The back roads were darkened by the leaves from the trees and I kept on driving while my soul soared free.
If the flower begins to wither, will you remember when it bloomed ? When the day is over, will you remember the sky so blue?
Love is so amazing it puts a sparkle in the eyes, touches the heart and makes the soul fly high. Love is so wonderful and magical indeed it placed you in my life and gave to me, the warmth of your embrace from the heavens and the sea.

There shall never be an end as long as you believe,
for when you touched my heart, it opened the gate to eternity. 


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