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Pictorial Prose
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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Let's Sail

Sing>Let's sail, come on and sail with me,
let's take on the sea and make mountains move.

Let's sail, come on and sail with me,
we'll take on the blue and make the heavens ours.

Blue skies blue,
they have me dreaming
of you sailing my heart
to you.

Blue skies blue, I imagine
 myself with you, living my life
 loving you.

Blue skies blue....
I talked to time, "stand still for me, when I'm in his arms, make it for eternity. " Time replied " I can't stand still,  I don't control the dreams , nor the love you feel" I'm getting older, the path I can't see, why am I troubled if love follows me?"Once again time looked down on me and  once again replied" it's the way life is meant to be!"

If the Lord made the mountains and
the Lord made the sea then the Lord
created love when he made you and me.

If the stars are all forever and the galaxies
no end, I'm sure there is a place where
you and I have not yet been.

If the Lord Made the mountains and
the Lord made the sea, then the Lord
created love when he made you and me.

The waters calm, the stars were shining bright
and at that very moment I was under the spell
of the moonlight.

I knew you were a distance but close in my
heart as I looked upward to the heavens ,
I felt your love.

The night had spoken it whispered your name
and I knew at that very moment that my soul
and yours would reign.

We are not of royalty, thought some would
second guess, for we are of love and are
surely blessed.

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