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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Variables of Love

Sings> I don't know why, why it happened this way. That love should touch my heart and be a distance away. The dreams I have each night comforts me in a way that makes my life have meaning in a most unusual way. 

I can't tell you why, why my heart beats so, so drastic is the sound like a storm that won't let go. Tears never seem to fall and yet I that they are there, like a river beyond its bank with nowhere to go. 

I sing the song , the song of my heart, the words of my soul, the happiness we hold. The melody  a treat that lifts me off my feet, sends me to the clouds, where I know you'll always be around. 

I don't know how long we yet to live or how much we give in this time we have to share, but I know that I love you so, the more I have of you, the more your love grows.

Weary is my soul it wants only but to hold you close to me and yet as time passes by, I only stop to find that you have not left me. 

Love is all we really need, it sets the scene for all our dreams and makes me truly believe. Love is all we really need, it sets the scene for all our dreams  and makes me truly believe. 

When I first began to look back over the years, I took a gander at what were the true variables of love. The variables consisted of our needs, emotional, physical and spiritual. I went back as far as the teenage years and my lack of understanding the concept of love . Compatibility occasionally brings fullness, but there are other needs that surface in the bigger picture that includes self esteem. Our primary needs are to love and be loved, that seems like a rather simple gesture. But what does it mean to be loved? It seemed to me it was like baking a cake, a certain amount of ingredients are necessary for a successful relationship. To much or to little can cause like a cake baking in the oven a total collapse. 
Trust, place your trust in me,know that our love holds the
eternal key. Pleasure each moment filled with desire
and watch as our hearts are set afire. 
Lessons, had I succeeded on this journey where all the lessons of pleasure and pain torment the spirit?  I came away with lesson one interpretation, it is true not necessarily was there differences between men and women but between people. Each path that we follow leads us in the direction in which we gather knowledge and awareness. Experience or lack of it determines what route we are to continue. Doubts and fear remain the shield in which we use to protects ourselves. 
Compatibility is crucial and necessary as hearts and souls come together and perform in away that is harmonious and capable of functioning on a level that stimulates the positive in one  another. Without this common ground in which we come together, we would lack the basic essentials that tighten the weave of love.
Love is pure and unadulterated, it is above all
 the most  purest of emotion, void of evil. 


I cannot dance to the strings of the puppeteer. 


One cannot run nor escape for the trials

of our times are but one with our being 

I have more difficulty with his flip flopping than 
if he hated to full time. 


Can one strike out and lash the soul and still care?

There is an ache that has yet to heal. 
I am tired and the journey is long. 

I cannot deny my existence in the lives of others, 
yet I still remain lost without direction. 

I am frightened that my time will come 
and I will have not accomplished all I set out to do.
To wake in the arms of love is endless beauty
to fall a sleep in arms of love is comfort beyond the imaginable. 
My needs are so little and so great... to feel your love. 


I feel as if my head is spinning...



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