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Pictorial Prose
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Monday, April 09, 2012

Embrace the Euphoria

Grand be the gesture, 
wonderful indeed, 
to embrace the Euphoria, 
like sunlight to the cheeks. 

Lips to lips a treasure, 
heart to heart divine, 
the mystical impression,
like a well infused brine.

I have seen the beauty, 
not the lust of flesh, 
that creates a vision,
that eternity will attest. 

The touch like magic,
reached out to my soul,
and tethered tightly with
the most powerful of hold.

My how the memories weave through the mind, teasing the spirit as they try to realign. From the first a breath of laughter, that tickles the soul, releasing the darkness and giving to life a treasure to behold. Like coral of the ocean, a pearl from the sea, the kiss from your lips and the comfort in  the dreams. I have acknowledged and time has recognized the script that was written and the love that nothing can presides.

Once more I gazed into the night 
and watched the stars shining bright,
it was obvious that I could see the 
stars over you were the stars over me. 

Mountains and rivers deemed to divide,
but nothing can remove you from my side,
as I have hold you in my heart, like the
heavens embrace the twinkle of stars. 

I woke in the night, my heart skipped 
a beat and I gasped in the darkness 
with a will to believe...

...and the curtains closed. 

Pierces the heart,
 awaken the soul.


Sung by the heavens,
embraced by the sea,
seared to my heart 
our immortality. 

...not a note but a whole damn song. 


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