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Pictorial Prose
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Monday, April 23, 2012


I have bartered with the heavens, 
I'd give my heart and soul, to 
wake up in the arms of love 
and feel your tender hold. 

I'm not sure if the heavens heard
me or accepted my plea, but I
am holding on to your love,
if only through my dreams. 


When skies are gray and
the sunshine fades away,
I find myself thinking of you.

When nothing is in sight,
but the rain and dark of night,
I find myself thinking of you.

Perhaps you'll hear the whispers
the ones meant for you on the
clouds the wind fiercely blew.

Directed straight to you,
I'm sending all my love with
each and every kiss under
the skies of blue.

When silence reigns
in the dark of the night,
I offer my arms to
hold you tight.

When stress surfaces
in the middle of the day,
I'll open my heart and
your welcome to stay.

When loneliness enters
and distance remains,
close your eyes and
dream me your way.

Blessed am I by your Love, 
for I was given the gift from
heaven above. 

Happiness with laughter, 
hope with dreams and 
the faith in everything 
love brings.

Life would be empty,
my soul filled with despair,
heartache would grip,
if you my love weren't here.

Some may not understand,
the joy I feel inside, but
that's because they don't
know the love of you and I.

I still see out the window
of the days when I was young,
wondering where the road leads
and if I'd be loved.

The flowers still bloom,
the clouds still pass on by
and I no longer wonder
as I have you by my side.

One smile, one dream,two hearts 
and the sweetest of memories. 

One day, one life, two people 
and the strength to stand and fight. 

One word, one song, two souls
and the rest is just a blur. 

"Chip, chit, chitter "chirped the woodpecker
as she said good morning. 

"Chip, chit, chitter" at the feeder as she 
spoke direct to me. 

"Chip, chit, chitter" it is spring time dear,
no matter the snow.

"Chip, chit, chitter" and she flew away 
and along came another bird. 


The flowers withered, 
the day just passed away
and I was feeling lonely
wishing you here today. 

Like the tickle of laughter
that woke up my soul, 
you my love master, 
the tapestry of gold. 


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