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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Loving You

The Words Of Love

I wanted the words to be so special, so meaningful and true, I wanted them to be so unique that read they would define the love of two. I ask for all whose eyes would glance just once upon the love I write, to understand the magic that blessed us throughout our life. So I make it no secret as if from mountain tops I sing, the words of love so wonderful they merged our hopes and dreams. There is no deception, believe it if you will, this love is an everlasting treasure that eternity has reached out to shield.  Silence is betrayal for the love fills the air, like the sweet song birds of the morning and the memories incurred. No tears of sorrow, no emptiness of heart, not one drop shall fall upon my cheek, for I embrace our love so sweet. These words are a simple reminder that two merged as one and lived, laughed and gently embraced the purity of love.  

There is no parting,
no heartache or tears

,as two hearts are joined,
forever is shared.

It takes on the mountains,
it flows through the streams,
the love between us is
a sentiment sweet.

Like the dew of the morning,
you are there when I awake
and the chill in the night,
that my soul cannot shake.

Trickery maybe,
the song to my ear,
as each one seems
written of the love
 we share.

The heart never forgets, 
the bonding of two souls,
for the world took on a 
different view, when love
became the glue. 


There is no pain where there is love,
no heartache where there is faith, 
no sadness as long as 
we can dream.

When the darkness takes a hold of the night
and the stars in the sky are seen shining bright,
when I am  all alone with my pillow and I , I
close my eyes and think of our cloud in the sky.

I dream your love, the warmth of your hugs,
the sweetness of your kiss from you lips.
The magic of moment when dreams come true
and I wake up in your arms loving you.

Can't go back,
can't stand still,
runs, runs fast,
 into your arms.

Blue skies blue
and there I am
dreaming of you.

Blue skies blue
and there I am
with you.

Blue skies blue
with whispers of
my love for you.

If these words fall upon only one,
may they be yours ears my sweet
If the day comes to a quick end,
may it find in the arms of my

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