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Pictorial Prose
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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Like lovers Do

If just one set of words 
find the path to eternities door,
than my promise will be complete
for we will have reached forevermore. 

I wanted to rewrite my yesterdays,
but with the wind they blew and
all that was left were memories
that in my heart are glued.

I reckoned with the past and
quickly let it go, for tomorrow
is awaiting and we will reach it
as through the  day we grow.

No word etched upon the heavens can
speak what's in the heart, for I have
embraced the dark of the night and
danced from star to star.

Peace had fallen and majestic the eve,
where love so warm and kind soothes
 the spirit and gives the gift of belief.

 I felt it from the moment you placed
your hand in mine and strolled on the
 journey that touched all depths of the

The day had quickly passed and it was
as if the night had summoned me, to
lay my head upon the pillow and
once again dream you next to me.

My fingers dance upon the keywords
and soon the words appear, a few
have the semblance of the love
we share.

But the night is quickly passing and
another day soon nears and as I close
my eyes I smile from the laughter
we share.


I spent a life time making excuses for what is. I have a good relationship with my daughter and I try to help remove her insecurities by telling her to like herself,  accept herself and to be herself. But I find that it's easier to give advice than it is to follow it.
I was working on products for the weekend event when it seem to all boil up, different music blasting from different areas of the house and I couldn't find the scissors and I know they are right in front of me. Sometimes you need to be reminded of the bigger picture.

Sandy beaches, blue waters
and my day with you, strolling
through life like lovers do.

In your arms, in your life,
like a summer day, you warm
my heart in an amazing way.

Sweet dreams, starry nights,
a kiss to the lips as I whisper
of love on a cloud of bliss.

Heavenly moments, passion inspired,
with my head on your chest I feel
the fire.

You are the flame of burning desire,
that grows with each second of
of each passing hour.


I feel like I am running out of time...

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