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Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Emotional Response

I didn't go looking
but I can't help but see,
like the blue bird sitting
on a Sycamore tree.

Magical and wonderful
as a romantic dream
as I looked to the heavens
and your love appeared to me.

The colors of life
in shades of every hue,
bring the warmth of a day
when I share with you.

I wanna stay in this moment
in your arms gentle yet strong,
I wanna feel your heartbeat
and have you feel mine.

The concerto moves its audience
with a powerful musical display
as you move my spirit in a
most unique and wonderful way.

To the mountains and beyond the sea,
drain the rivers and soar free,
above the clouds in the sky
where we meet day and night.

I wanna share each moment
erase the darkness from the heart
replace it with sunshine and
at night give to you the stars.

Under the glow
of a midnight stroll,
the moon full
shines down on us.

Lighting the way
to you my love,
where I can see
where once it was

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