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Thursday, January 26, 2012

... and the songs played.

Busy is good! The day has passed so quickly. I have been up since two am and I don't feel tired yet. Managed to work on customer orders and preparing for a meeting in a few hours. There is irony to how things look different in a positive surrounding. It is not that what we are confronted with changes, so it must mean our way of dealing with life changes. How ever you look at it, we are not much different than children. When were young we rewarded with stars and ribbons and as we get older in sports we are rewarded with trophy's and certificates. But as time goes on we still need the balance, the acknowledgement and the rewards. For some that reward might be financial, to others a sense of peace, but for me it is the touch of souls, the embrace that crosses varied dimensions to share in the simplest element of love.

Took your hand and held it tight,
kissed your lips in the night.
Sent my love to you and woke
to find you sent it to.

Songs the memories stir, a
few even caused a blur,
but the ones that reminded
me of you, touched my heart
under the sky blue.

Music to calm the soul,
to remind me of love,
it makes me awfully
grateful, for you my
special love.

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