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Pictorial Prose
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Monday, January 16, 2012

The Intended Destination

 Beauty begins when you view with the heart 
and follow the dreams of the soul.

Words of yesterday,
written for you and I,
scribbled on a tablet,
aged with the time. 

Strolled the mighty river,
climbed a mountain high
and walked with you my
love, heart soul and mind.


The snow blankets the hills and again I dream...

We don't forget,
we do heal. 

Everything we need is right in front of us...
why is it at times so difficult to see it. 

Our wants and needs are much simpler
than we want to admit. 
I wondered why we had to experience heartache at all,
and then I realized that it to is part of the journey. 

Let's Dance

The steps don't really matter,
just follow the beat of your heart,
close your eyes and pull me close,
bridge the heavens to the earth with stars. 

Curious Desire

Delicate and so fragile a love,
that warms my heart adding
more of hope and faith on
the wings of a dove.

Soar my darling, let your soul
reach out to me, in the early
morning and at night when
you begin to dream.
The Journey

On this journey that I travel,
 the sun shines and even at
night there is still a blue to
the sky.

My heart weathered and
 troubled indeed, wonders
 what life holds for you
 and me.

The darkness like curtains drape,
separating wishes from the truth
of fate.

On one side there is how life should
be and far on the other side the one
in my dreams.

I sang with the stars shining in the night,
as if they could hear and make
everything right.

I need to know that you wanted me so
 and that our love like a flower will
continue to grow.

The Unseen Bridges

There are days warmed with your love,
dreams that bridge earth to the clouds above.
Like the rain as it falls from the sky, the tears
of happiness rolled down from my eyes.

There are stories written by the heart, that
tell of a journey that love indeed sparked.
The gifts flow like petals caught in the wind,
that is why I don't the beginning from the end.

The Words Of Love

I can't change the story,
the characters I don't write,
the words from the heart,
bridge the love of you and I.

I don't always understand,
the road in which we stroll,
mapped from the heavens,
from me to you the goal.
When you recognize the difference
and yet acknowledge the similarity,
you have witnessed the meeting of
 the mind and the bonding of souls.

I know what I feel...
There has never been a doubt in my mind
how life should be experienced, it is when
you meet that someone who chooses to
love completely without judgement.

Nothing is worse than telling
someone what they want to hear,
I would rather be disappointed
with the truth than lifted by a lie.
If one word from my lips falls upon your heart,
I will have succeeded in delivering my love to its intended destination. 
Threw away the last few pages,
from the chapters of the past.
Foolish I imagined sweet forever 
where love would always last. 

Left with dreams of sunshine
and rainbows through the sky. 
Felt my heart break and again
saw it soar to the highest high. 

Threw away the last few pages,
from chapters of the past. 
Foolish I imagined sweet forever,
where love would always last. 

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