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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Bonded by Love

The simplicity of love is in the time shared...waking up to your sweet smile,the dance on the clouds, the dream to come true. Closing your eyes and whispering true, the words of love from me to you. The simplicity of love is in the time shared... a sleep in your arms, the breath of your charm and a stroll through life with you. The simplicity of love is in the time shared...

Hold my hand,
take my heart,
live the dream,
from the start.

Living in love,
each day with you,
just like lovers
were meant to do.

Hold my hand,
take my heart,
live the dream,
from the start.

Living in love,
each day with you,
just like lovers,
were meant to do.

Like the wind through the trees
your love reached out to me
and taking a hold, spun its
web around my soul.

I dried out the flowers,
the crystal I dusted today,
the clock was slowing ticking,
and the memories began to fade.

No signs of rainbows nor clouds
high up in the sky, all I see is the
blue  of the sky and the images
of you and I.

There are somethings that life just
can't explain, roads going nowhere
and love that simply fades away.

Real is the emotions explored by
the heart, the pleasure of love that
lights the darkest dark.

I really don't care what people have
to say, I was sent here to record the
love so that it will never fade.

Raindrops keep falling,
like tears from my eyes,
sorrow and heartache,
hidden deep inside.

Secrets secured with a kiss,
never, ever to leave my lips.
The magic that I feel inside
is here forever just you and I.

The striking beauty of cardinal at rest,
the sunlight through the trees and the
heart put to test.

Rainbows across the sky, like the
bridges of the heart, when your
heart met mine.
I ask a simple question,
no response do I receive,
where do I belong and
who belongs with me?
We walk this earth but once,
but experiences are many,
sometimes of happiness and
the heartaches are plenty.

We walk this earth but once,
and leave our foot prints on the
earth and our love eternal
a flame within heavens hearth.
Every beginning meets with an
end and every a beginning makes.
Teetering ....

Reliving every moment,
passing the time away,
sweet dreams of you
both night and day.

Somethings are forever,
and in the heart stay and
others a fleeting moment
cast just to fade away.

Trying to understand the
road without and end,
over hills and around the
curves smack a dead end.

Holding to a summer day
with flowers in the fields,
enough memories to block
the cold and bitter chill.

Sometimes I am as close
to you as I can be and other
times I feel like a ship lost
in a troubling storm at sea.

Reaching with my heart to
hold you next to me, to feel
your love just once more
if only in my daily dreams.


Nothing can break this link,
this connection to you, all
I need is to close my eyes
and there is the bond of two.

Dreams that make you mine
and a song that lovers sing, all
wrapped up in a dance, where
there is you and then me.

Smiles at the thought that life
is in disarray, because no
matter how difficult you are
in my heart to stay.

There is nothing you and I
can't do, we can travel
over barriers and make
the blue sky blue.

Love can rise above the day,
chartering paths where nothing
but darkness lay.

Sunshine in the morning,
starlight in the night,
true love from earth to
the heavens above.

Today we meet the challenge,
that distance dears to create,
we rise above the loneliness
to the magic of fate.

No longer traditional, I
was talking to the wind
whispering words of love
to you my dearest friend.

You feel so good in my
arms and I in yours,
that is the the joy of
life we began to explore.

Mountains, doors that block
the view and outages that
put gray in that sky of blue.

We have come together,
and  forever will we be,
heart and souls that
met out of need.

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