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Pictorial Prose
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Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Awakens The Soul

Deep in the Hollow

The fern on the hills a reminder in green,
of the days when the hollow joyously sings.
The tree branches to early begin to bud,
as they are not aware of winters games of fun.

The hollow surrounded with dark and gray,
even though the light is longer with each day. 
Birds at the feeder flutter with such glee, 
as they know that it will soon be spring. 

I wondered if this was a winter reprieve 
or are we caught up in the seasons trickery? 
My heart is happy and dances with joy,
as our love is special and cannot be destroyed.

The words were meaningless, 
the papers old and when I 
tossed them away, 
they had no hold.

It is amazing how you can treasure a moment, a thought, an action, a word and a memory and as times goes on it can become meaningless. I took it for what it was, a yesterday day gone by, an over inflated memory, words without meaning and the response with many variables.
It is true that stagnant water becomes poison and only with the movement does it filter making it clean enough to drink. Life is the same way, with movement comes knowledge and with the knowledge comes growth and growth brings us today.
No longer needing a crutch, stands tall while dusting off the past. Today is the gift as it is true tomorrow may never come. With that in my mind, I dance on the clouds, sing in the stars and dream. It is the dreams that fuel the heart and feed the soul.

 after years it can take on a new
I held on to old memories,
the drawers overflowed,
they were filled my dreams
that I refused to let go.

The glimpse was one sided,
my passion and desire,
the trials and triumph
gone like the blaze of a fire.

I don't really know nor can
I explain, but the drawers
now empty set out for
a new day to claim.


We are a seed in the wind...

Imagine for a moment that we can control time, unraveling the secrets deep within the mind. Review the past and editing as we go, to smooth the wrinkles to memory are sewn. Advancing through the day for a glimpse of tomorrow in the hope that there is only happiness and no traits of sorrow. Taking the moments that always make us smile and building bridges that cross the long and treacherous miles.

 Imagine for a moment that we can control time, unraveling the secrets deep within the mind. Spinning through my memories, I wiped away the tears, cast away the darkness, erased all traces of fear. From the moment the eyes begin to open wide, may you see that through this life we walk side by side. Feel the sweetness of a warm and loving kiss as you wake each morning to the meeting of our lips.

Imagine for a moment that we can control time, unraveling the secrets deep within the mind. Span the distance from your heart to mine and know the gap was closed one memory at a time. Lock the gates of hell and keep it from our day and allow only sunshine to make its way.

Imagine for a moment that we can control time, unraveling the secrets deep within the mind. I'd choose the moment when I am in your arms, complete with your mystique and your wonderful charm. I'd slow every second , I'd freeze each and every frame, I'd hold still the moment when love first made its claim.
Can't go back, can't stand still,runs forward, runs fast,runs far,
runs into your arms.

History has away of being cruel or kind 
depending on the writers interpretation. 
Time can soften a blow to the heart!
We are not as important as we like to think we are...all of us are on borrowed time.
Shiver me timbers... where is that plank?


I feel numb as if all the
 mistakes I ever made
are documented by the
soul and sent to the
heart to place blame.

In Rapunzel the children's fairy tale, a young girl is held captive in a tower in the woods. Though she could have easily climbed down the tower, ignorance, fear and the unknown kept her captive. That is until a stranger came into her life and gave her the support and knowledge to escape. Throughout life I find that we are emotionally imprisoned, filled with ignorance and teetering on the unknown, fearful of what is outside our very own tower. Exactly how we become trapped is unique to each individual. Sometimes it's years of being told what we can't do, that we struggle with what we can do. More importantly is the cast of characters that we surround ourselves with. Cliche as it may sound the old adage" we are the company we keep" may ring true. Our abilities  are fueled by the energy source  provided to us through various forms of positive energy. Unfortunately the prison which we build is quite the opposite, built brick by brick of inadequacy and a field of negativity.
The heart a vessel in which our love travels.

Reached for a hand
and found a heart. 
Walking through life with my eyes closed. 
If tears fall like rain,
I am in the eye of the storm.
I cried and I laughed and
then I thought of you and
I settled into a warm smile.
They say "sometimes you need a good cry"
 it is like cleaning the canvas.


It is true that the trials of life come to us all, 
but the differences are in the way we respond to them. 

You can't walk through life with your eyes closed or can you?
There is no triumph greater than that is which we will be remembered for. 

Once I cared what everyone thought,
now I don't care what anyone thinks.
Life is like emery...sometimes it is abrasive.

Maybe I have been asleep a little to long...because
 at the click of a finger it can all be gone. 
I went through all the letters enclosed with my heart and soul. Stories written of the dreams that have yet to this day unfold. Some may see words scratched across the page, paper that has yellowed and with time began to fade.  I held each letter close and I failed to toss away, the papers in the box, of those long and lonely days.

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