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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ten Year Chapter

I never liked my picture taken and I was one of those people who would go out of their way to avoid it. Always behind the camera and rarely in front of it. Ten years ago something drastically changed in me. It had nothing to do with my exterior being, the changes were coming from deep inside. I wasn't afraid of being me and I accepted  my flaws and my assets and well I was okay with who I was. I found a happiness and a joy for life that I had never experienced. It wasn't anyone or  one particular event that caused this change. I think it was a part of growing.
From that point of time, many things have happened. I call them milestones, one being friendship, the big one my drivers license, confidence, self respect, laughter and dreams and stepping from the shadows and  the ultimate gone with "the wind "darling I just don't give a damn" attitude. I still teeter about trying to hold on to the positive and let the negative go. Partially that has to do with the heavy weights that are tied to hold one down. 
I can safely look back and say that a new chapter had begun in my life. I accepted the paths that opened before me and without complete understanding traveled through an amazing journey. 
I had the usual experiences that people encounter , loss of friendships, broken hearts, death of loves ones, financial trials and a slew of the unimaginable. But there is also positive memories. My daughter prepared to bring her senior project to a close and she was complemented on a well done report. I reminded her that she did well on it, not because she worked on a project, but because she lived it. Life is a culminating project, we just keeping learning and learning and through our experiences we build the necessary character needed to fulfill our intended purpose on earth.

It started with a tickle and I learned again to laugh and then a little passion and my life before me flashed. Friendship had spoken and the gates quickly unlocked and though time is quickly passing my life has yet to stop. There is a tear for yesterday, you wiped it gently away and a smile for tomorrow that I am working on today. The road is not paved smooth like sheets of glass, therefore an occasional stumble might land us on our ... 

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