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Pictorial Prose
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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Take my hand... my heart is yours!

I don't like to think it is being over emotional but I have always been sensitive to my surroundings.   I believe that is why music is so important. I need to fix the speaker wire on my desk computer because I miss playing music while I work. I feel indifferent  and yet I have accomplished a good bit today. It was this decision that I made which said I will not let others control my moment. Easier said than done and before you know it I was encouraging others to get motivated and to not worry.
The sun has set and only the dance of the candle flame can be seen as it turns a darkened wall into a romantic stage performance. The music is playing in the background and I feel such a warmth. Rising from my chair and with my eyes closed, the magic of dreams places you into my arms. Swaying gently back and forth and feeling your love almost as much as I can feel the music. I am surprised that my heart isn't racing and that I feel the utmost sense of calm. This is our world, peaceful and wonderful and no one can intervene with the bonding of souls. Slowly rocking to the music, I twirl as if you were going to pull me so close that nothing can separate the merging of our souls . I continued to dance as the next song came on and my body felt a quick quiver. I am afraid to open my eyes in fear that reality will not be as kind as the dance upon the clouds. I placed my hand close to my own lips and felt the warm of my breath. The music had away of bringing you close and closer, so close that I reached into the thin air and  felt the embodiment of  your being. For a few brief moments I danced in the world of fantasia and you my love stepped magically into my heart, kissed with passion and embraced as no lover as ever embraced before.

I danced,

                            I smiled,

I quivered,

                      I embraced

                                  and  I live because I dared to love.

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