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Pictorial Prose
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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Injured wing ...

...reminders are everywhere.

I don't ever remember gazing into the February sky as much I have been doing this year. In part the weather has been unusual for February. The days have been warm and the night sky a little clearer. The planets were large and bright and I felt honored to be in their presence.
I found myself some what distant over the last few days. Almost as if I am part of the abstract, neither here nor there. Lost in the abyss, my feet neither touching the soil of the earth nor the clouds in the heavens.
To want, to need, to love.

Strip away the darkness,
view the intimate embrace
of you and I as we stand
heart to heart and face to face.

Words of undying  love,
drawings on the wall,
the painting in the clouds,
as the angels come to call.

Etched to the heart ,
seared to the soul,
the dreams of love,
the night has it all.

Dance my love dance,
wipe away the tears,
you are in my arms,
and this night is ours
to share.

I created a world with the walls of Jericho,
as they coming tumbling down.
I don't know where I belong,
my wings are grounded.

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