Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
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Saturday, February 18, 2012

with every beat of my ...

I can barely keep my eyes open...

I am singing the song,
the song of my heart,
Loving you my darling,
on our very own star.

I can only write the words,
those from within my heart
and so I listen attentively
to our love which flows
from heart to soul and
soul to mind.

I am rambling...
I need you

I'm loving you, I dreaming the dreams under skies of blue.

There is a road I have yet to travel,
there is a dream I have yet to partake,
there is a love waiting patiently for me
and in your arms is  where I will be.

There is a mountain I have yet to climb,
there is a river that separates you and I.
We'll challenge the moment and break
all barriers of time and with this kiss I'll
make you mine.

I followed the stars etched to the night sky, sparkling bright they awakened my mind. Like the flames of my heart and the dreams that await, I followed what both your heart and mine partakes.

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