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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Dearest Love

Sings>How can I tell you,what can I say? To
make you understand what  my heart feels
each day. The love I have for you , my need
of you and the way you make my skies so blue.

Magical the dreams that cast you the one,
my friend, partner, my dearest love. The one
who holds my hand and pulls me to a stand,
as we dance night under moon lit skies.

How can I tell you, what can I say? To
make you understand what my heart feels
each day. The love I have for you, my need
of you and the way you make my skies so blue.

Nothing can compare to the thoughts that
bring you near, as close as the air I breathe,
as wonderful as my nightly dreams.

How can I tell you, what can I say? To
make you understand what my heart feels
each day, The love I have for you, my need
of you and the way you make my skies so blue.
Snow melts,
snow falls,
 night calls
 and I engage
 in the dreams.

Rivers rage,
rivers still,
and the wind
whispers your name.

Tear drops,
ever after,
as I document
our love each day.

Heart beat,
while we face,
what comes our way.

When the day is over
and the stars rule the sky,
I'm surrounded by darkness
and a light of love shines.

When all seems lost
my heart cries out for you,
and I close my eyes and
I let your love on through.

If you ever been to an equestrian event, you know the various obstacles that are placed on the track to challenge the horse. Life is pretty much like that obstacle course. We are always facing changes whether they are the daily ones created in our mind or the ones that surface from life itself. Throughout the years I have met with many obstacles and I have felt like the horse that gets a good running start and jumps each one and sometimes fails to make it. It seems that we are hit with various levels and each one a little different with many complicated levels. It takes discipline, focus and the willingness to overcome the barriers.
There are those times that you become overwhelmed and you run and you jump and you find your self on the ground looking up. You ask yourself why am I here? Why this road? Why so many struggles? Why a certain path? Why so many walls and barriers? It is at the point of when you ask yourself all these questions, that you feel the warmth of a friend, the helping hand, the grateful customer, the stranger whose life you made a difference in. It can be a word or an action, the thought or a reaction, but it seems at that point we get back up and we are able to find the courage to again run and jump.
I have worked for years, studied and created something from nothing. I have met with personal challenges, lost a few battles, missed a few jumps. On a professional level I have also witnessed by own trials, my weaknesses and my strengths. It is the friendship that believes that I am " all that" and the customers who remind me that I have achieved something beyond my wildest dreams. It is comparable to being in a boat with a hole in it and you keep trying to bucket the water out, the faster you remove it the faster the water floods in. But than something amazing happens and that hole in the boat is patched.
Part of me looks at life and says "whoaaaa  wait a minute, time is going to fast and I have so much to do." There is another side of me that says, "when our time is up, it's up and little we can do to change that." I try to remind myself that one wasted day worrying about something we can't change is a loss of a valuable moment in time. It's at that time when I run and jump, miss and find myself looking up that I have to step back and analyze my mistakes. It is not always easy to admit our own failures.
I have tried to build on a more solid foundation, to create a safety net in hopes that I have the correct elements during a major jump and I am able to accomplish the goals in which I have set out to do. I am not always ready and I don't always have the answers, but as long as when I am reaching, you're reaching back, " all is right with the world."

It is not what we think,
it is what we feel,
not what we want,
but what we need. 

It is not what we receive,
but what we give, 
not how many times we fall,
but how many times we get up. 

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