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Pictorial Prose
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Monday, February 06, 2012


 I saw her from afar as she looked back at me
while peering through the window, I thought
I saw a dream.  I felt the racing of my heart,
and the restlessness of my soul as I reached
to touch her and she disappeared before I
could get a hold.

 I tried to get there faster, to set her free, but
 as  I opened the window she once more
 disappeared like an unforgotten dream. The
 years have passed and I tried to let her go,
I hadn't thought about her as often, but again
 I think she knows.

Waiting at the station, frozen in time, she
keeps on running circles in my mind.
There is a bit of irony where the house once
 stood as I visualize and open door and the
little girl who was misunderstood.

I had suffered from a major headache most of the day, so I spent the better part of the day watching the old sitcom " I love Lucy." Her raw talent to this day brings  on the laughter and puts a  smile to my face. There was never really a time of simplicity, but as I look back I can see how life many years ago carved the way into the present. I like to think of it as the domino affect, as everything we do leans one situation upon the other and like x-rays becomes an accumulative part of our character.
Looking back at childhood I can see that it was a serious time filled with structure. Each day provided a particular time to fulfill obligations from the moment we started the day, till night rolled in and took its place with the blanket of stars. Time to clean, eat, pray and play, cry,laugh and sing and dance. As I grew up the first thing I wanted to do was break the rules. Sleep in, skip a meal, pray when I felt like it, cry when necessary, laugh often, sing daily and dance only  if upon the clouds.
I am tired and wanting to sleep well and have good thoughts, I drift off into a more positive mode. Closing my eyes I think of the warmth of your love, the beat of your heart and the joy of your smile.

No tears to fall tonight,
a smile bridges you and I.
I am holding your love
and you're holding mine,
and that's why this is so
special in the dark of night.

Like the stars in the
heavens shining bright,
your love my darling
is the star of my life.
Sparkling leads the way,
to the clouds in the heavens
where dreams are made.

Close your eyes and fill
me near, I love you darling,
and this life we share. I
love you darling and I want
you to know that I'll be
with you wherever you go.

I see the many faces,
swirling around, no
names nor places,
but I the moment is

The images that
seared to my heart,
erase all shades of
darkness as they
set off a spark.
I am feeling needy,
needing you so,
needing your love
by the grove.

I am feeling needy,
to feel your embrace,
lips to lips a smile
on the face.

I am feeling needy,
for a simple hug,
a touch of your hand
and a bit of your love.

I am feeling needy,
if these pillows could
talk, they'd whisper of
loneliness on this life
long walk.

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