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Pictorial Prose
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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Yesterday was one of those days when it was difficult  to focus and you can't pull all those lose strings together. I'll be blunt it was a do nothing day. As I finished up on some projects this afternoon, I was pleased that my do nothing day only lasted one day. Partially I was overwhelmed by the many jobs that were needed to be done and a little melancholy over the unknown limitation which creates a circumference around us all. There was also and outer realm which has bombarded me with needless worry. I had to remind myself, what is ...is and that we are responsible for our own individual being and actions.
I must say the weather hasn't been helping. It is not that it is so cold, but that very little sunshine makes it way through the clouds. Everyone calls it one thing or another, seasonal disorder, blah, blah, blah. There is no doubt that light generates energy which in turn triggers the chemicals within us. For a few weeks I had been really on my toes, working out at the gym, but this week I just needed a break.
Yeah, yeah, yeah I like what I do, that is why I do it. I like writing, creating and developing, researching herbs and studying plants. Each year I think of one hundred reasons not to do the events and one big reason why I do it. I like it. I like the people and I like the stage in which I created a world  unique to me. There might have been one particular reason why I started, but that to has changed over the years. When I set up for an hour, a day or a week, I am simply me, doing what I love to do.
I am trying to categorize the poetry this week, work on greeting cards, framed art work etc and pick out some of the old favorites that people seem to never tire of. It is destiny, whether we like it or not we are destined to fulfill the journey. It is not always on our terms, but never the less there is the mystery, the excitement, the unknown which awaits us all in each and every tomorrow.

Yesterday and Tomorrow

The Idle Fir Tree

Like the idle fir tree that can see but cannot speak, I to stood idle without voice. Unable to move the world around me at a disarray. The years were filled with silent cries that had gone unanswered. The paralysis of emotion kept secretly tucked away. My stance was that of the fir tree, as its branches grew and reached out, I to was growing and reaching, with all of my life at my fingertips, I reached inward to find the strength, to uproot an find my place outside my minds existence.

The Hollow

It was not the trees, the rage of the stream, the hills surrounding or the silence bridged to the extreme. The walls  rigid and a burden to overcome. formed by doubt and at the time when insecurity had won. But something happened and at the time I didn't understand, the wall was crumbing and my spirit was on the run. Reaching and grasping to the heavens blue, I opened the gates and all my dreams flooded through. I thought each path I walked all had an end, until I realized they were all beginning and there really no end. Sometimes I felt tired and weary was I, until I opened up my heart and let your love inside. There are no hills of loneliness, the stream carries on with the dream and the hills filled with challenges now erased from memory. It doesn't really matter what tomorrow holds, for today I have the gift of love and from my soul it unfolds.

It isn't always what we think it is,
 but it always is...

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