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Pictorial Prose
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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

The Hearts Reminder...

When night falls and the stars shine,
and I am all alone. I close my eyes
and think of you and travel to you
with my mind.

No traces of sorrow, no sadness or
despair, our hearts reflect true
happiness as if you were really here.

When skies appear to be gray and
thoughts are like a storm on a dark
day, that is when I look inside and
see that you my love never left my

No barriers or walls to overcome,
for the road to peace is paved
with golden bricks of love.

When I know not what to do,
or the time that we are spared
I dream the dreams in heavens

No weights to hold us down,
we'll dance and dance the
whole night through on our

When I close my eyes to dream
sweet thoughts of you, I say a
prayer of gratitude for all that
love can do.

Every thought,
and action,
are my feelings
for you.

Every dream,
each prayer
a reminder
of my love
of you

I was afraid of the journey, 
and fear led the way, until
that one magical day. 

I took your love and I placed
it inside and there in my heart
is where it resides 

I looked for the child
and found despair, I
looked for the angel
and found you there.

An open heart, is a wise heart, 
open to live, to love, 
to learn and 
to dream. 

I once lived to make everyone happy,
I wanna die trying to make myself happy. 
The only chains that hold us down are created
 of our own weakness to control our own mind. 

The universe is our greatest gift,
wrapped in love and showered 
down upon us daily. 
What we fail to see is clouded
by anger, frustration, fear and 
hate. Replace the emotions
with love, joy, faith and hope
and we will have unlocked
the secrets of happiness. 
Even the most difficult moments reveal 
our strengths and weakness... lesson upon lessons. 

We already have the combination to happiness,
choice scrambled it and it is up to us to rearrange it. 
I do believe that to know your partners next
 thought is more than a gift,it is a mirrored
 reflection of the soul. 

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