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Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day

I  gazed unto night the sky, 
the stars were twinkling bright,
as if they had our love in mind. 

The silence broken, my heart
accepted openly, the beauty of 
song, that sings of sweet dreams.

Reality reveals the heart a fool,
the soul silent and the mind troubled. 

We need not emulate love
for once seeded it grows
Spun in darkness, 
unraveled by light,
embracing love, 
trembles inside.

Cherished moments,
passion explored,
touched my heart,
with forevermore. 
If I should leave my footprint
gentle upon the earth, than to
you I leave my heart where
your love was quickly 

To cherish and to nurture, 
and secure with happiness
and glee, tapped from 
the the heart of faith and trust,
seared to the memory. 

Valentines day! another one of those Calendar mandated holidays. When I first began to write, it was to acknowledge the existence of love. My promise became that in the three hundred and fifty six days of the year for the rest of my life I would celebrate the emotions which taught me not only the need to be wanted, but the magic of love that rises a soul to the level of " Dancing on Clouds." Dancing on Clouds became a metaphor for the excitement and thrill that places you in an existence free of earthly struggles. It's the feeling as if your feet really are off the ground. When a person makes you so happy and you make them happy, that is a true dance upon the clouds.
 I use to say that everything in life is fifty/fifty, you give and you receive the love in return, until one day many years ago an acquaintance said that in a partnership it is a one hundred/ one hundred. Giving of yourself fully without thought and without expectation, only to find that when you least expect it you get it one hundred percent in return. I couldn't help but think of the current Valentines day holiday and a first experience with in grade school. Spending time as a child deciding who should get what card and finding out which ones you will get in return. The once a year holiday holiday of love cast shadows upon my thoughts. Like a glass heart shattered fragments pierced my being. Many believe if love is embraced equally throughout the year and celebrated, that we become numb and to comfortable that we fail to appreciate it. By giving holidays a special place on the calendar we more respectful of our emotions and it keeps us from becoming lazy in our actions. That is the error of our human ways, for love is so spectacular and wonderful in its ability to do good. Love, the tool of kindness, the path to peace and happiness which reveals no sweeter gift. When placed in the heart it grows and reaches the untapped resources of the soul.

 I shall celebrate each day,
 and welcome in my heart,
the love and happiness you
 bring close and from afar.

 I shall always be grateful,
 and never ever forget,
the mystery and magic that
allows my soul to soar.

 Loneliness will have no place,
 nor sorrow or despair, for once
 you are placed in the heart, there
 is nothing left to fear.

 The web sometimes constrictive
 blocks the view, but all I need to do
 my love is close my eyes and review.

 The hands of time keep moving,
 the robin sings her song and my
thoughts now in passing,
 link me unto your arms.

 I pause as if to imagine another
time and place, where the burdens
 are less and we are dreaming
face to face.

 Sunshine at my window,
 the dance between you and I
 and a river sailing ships of love
 from your heart to mine.

 Calming is the moment,
 relaxed as if by the shore,
 I glance into the hills to see
 what life has in store.

 The season will pass, the day
 will fade away but like the buds
 hidden within the trees, our love
 is here to stay.

 These words are filled with emotion, 
and all my love for you and when I
 write I leave my love spiraled high
 upon the heavens blue.

 Eternity has spoken and accepted 
with glee, the heart felt emotions 
shared of our love so tender, warm
 and sweet. 

 I grasped into the darkness to pull 
 your love near and the tears of love
 flowed from my heart and sailed
 you gently here. 

 Weep not dear angels, though 
distance plays the cards, rendered
 love lives on each day, through 
each beat of our hearts.
You're just a dream away, 
my every waken thought, 
the air I breathe and the 
kiss of love to the heart. 

You're my sweet happiness,
the magic of sunrise, the 
star filled wonders of the 
night sky. 

You're the love that guides
me through out the day, 
holds my hand and stands 
against the skies of gray. 

You're the joy from the 
moment I fall asleep till
I open my eyes. 


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