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Pictorial Prose
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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Prose of the Heart

The moon light glistens on the newly fallen snow and there in the night the child fails to let go. Sliding down the hill as fast as I could go, while my mine drifts to the love that in my heart continues to grow.  One single silhouette of lovers can been seen, high above the clouds through my every dream. Passionate the embrace that entwines the heart and soul all the while creating a bond that only time can hold.
I wondered about the decisions from early in my life, where they took me and if I made them right. But somethings simply are meant to be, like a map of life that directed you to me. I saw the stars in the heavens shining bright and the joy of love that gave to my heart the beauty of sight. I wasn't expecting nor did I hope to find the magic of the moment that touched your heart to mine.The season blankets the hills with a dust of white, the fallen snowflakes that give to the hollow a breath of life.
 Joyously the heavens were smiling down on us, sending in the angels to direct without any fuss. They sent us on a path that neither could avoid and taught our hearts to sing and celebrate with joy. The days would be awfully lonely and the nights unbearable, had it not been for your love and the magic which it holds. To takes an ordinary day and brighten with delight and just enough of the sunshine to make each day feel right .
The mountains replaced by tiny grains of sand and the rivers bridged by all of loves demands. We conquered distance, we challenged the day and we made the world more beautiful in the most amazing way.
When the night sky is quickly replaced with the first of the morning sun that is when I open up my eyes and see a new day has now begun. When faith has me reaching, I reach on out to you and there the dreams of happiness repaint the skies of blue. When all is said and done our love will still be here and through the words I write eternity is what we will share.
There were angels in passing,
a few left behind and one in
particular stands by my side.

I cried and I laughed as I
looked on with despair,
not understanding all that
we share.

The days are long and
lonely am I, as I lay my
 head on the pillow and
close my eyes and sigh.

I wish I could hold you
and kiss you goodnight,
that is what I  wish each
and every night.

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