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Sunday, February 19, 2012

...if all else fails, spritz's perfume.

My  seven year old granddaughter asked me about the ghost in the attic. I said " there are no ghost in the attic." She said " well yeah there are " I said " did you see any ghost in the attic?" she responded with " no but I heard them ." I told her it was impossible that I removed all the ghost in the attic and I gave her bottle of perfume to keep, that rids the attic and anywhere else of bad spirits.
The child who is afraid of something she cannot see is also capable of believing that there is some magical spray that will rid the attic of evil. It is instilled in us at a very early age to fear what we can't see. We create and build walls and barriers that prevent us from our intended walk upon the earth. The cautious attitude can be away of protecting ourselves or limiting the discovery of our very own journey.
Our emotions are sometimes feared as well,  as we try to replace sorrow with happiness and hate with love, fear with courage, unrest with peace. We can't always see our emotions but they live within us never the less.
What can remove the negative in our life and how do we replace the coldness with a more positive warmth. First and foremost you start with love and it will generate the positive and all good things will flow even when we think it is impossible.
Sometimes like the child who believes that perfume can make a ghost dissipate into thin air, just believing can bring about a positive change. Whether that belief is in a higher power,  prayer, love or a bottle of perfume all that we need is not found in others but right there deep within our heart.

If you have not felt my tender touch,
can you still not feel my embrace?
For I have given you my warmest love
and nothing shall ever take its place.

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