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Pictorial Prose
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Thursday, January 26, 2017


                         If you should think of me, think kindly,
                         for love is all I have and I give it to you simply and without demand. 

I never felt such loneliness
nor met up with despair,
for I had never met with love
until you first stopped to care.

I stood before the angels,
to whisper in gratitude
but as my chest tightened,
I knew not what to do.

Frozen in the moment,
I could not step away
as I thought about my life
and how changed in this
most miraculous way.

To be given such a gift
and have it stripped away,
like a kiss upon my brow
it never ever fades away.

I begged the Lord for reasoning,
who holds the pen and writes?
But I received no response 
that would give to me some 

Bravery wasn't my strong point
for fear had stepped on in 
and that directed my life 
and denied me the one 
who cares. 

I could write a million poems 
and not one could explain 
the feelings deep within my heart
from your love that is so ingrained. 

It is not about perfection 
or some fairytale of sort, 
the love that moves all mountains
is at the center of my core. 

The tears tell a story,
they speak directly from the heart, 
they tell of love and passion and 
how the memories cannot depart.

It's the willow and the oak tree, 
one is here and the other gone, 
up rooted by the wind and the 
other growing strong. 

It is not necessarily fate,
the timing came into play
and left an imprint on my 
soul in this most unusual way.
It is no secret that I love you, 
you can see it in my eyes 
as I feel it in my heart 
time after time. 

The great poets have spoken
but little did they know 
that such a love would linger
and with distance still grow.

The silence is most haunting ...


The fern still green
peeks out from the snow
as a reminder that soon
spring flowers will grow.

I don't wish to rush the season
as time already goes to fast
and so I document the words
both current and from the past.

So many questions
the answers but a few,
when I gaze at the heavens
I wonder if you are looking too.

I lay my head upon the pillow
where my thoughts race away
thinking about the moment
you first came my way.

Detours on the journey,
roads more than a few,
some under gray skies
and some under blue.


Heartache is the price
love would have us pay,
caught up in a web of
the devil had laid.

Tears upon my pillow
as I wish you were here
and at this very moment
you were with me to share.

Simple pleasures
waking in your arms,
candle light dinner
underneath the stars.

I just wanna love you
like it was always meant to be,
you here beside me
for all eternity.

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