Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
Indulging my most lucid daydreams

Thursday, January 12, 2017


I felt a heavy as the darkness dwelled,
it was surely winter that sent a spell,
memories , reminders, darkness of sea
set in motion an unusual dream.

Many roads joined as one
sorrow, heartache and precious love,
day to day words were shared
of how one truly cares.

Sweet love lay a claim
for the experiences to this very day,
perhaps the emotions set free
soared beyond a simple dream.

I shall tell you and you alone
as vines entwine and love grows,
tis the darkness that holds me down
and your love that lifts me from
the ground.

Not that I should compare from land and mountains an ache appears. The void deep as the darkest sea questions all that is meant to be. Fragile from a thread we dangle and yet a strength of might reveals, that only hearts and souls unite in the upward flight of heaven's light. Imprisoned by circumstance , waits once more for one more chance. Eyes may twinkle, smiles appear at thoughts of life we both must share. No words from these lips of mine but the words of heart are an everlasting brine. Yearning for that peace in time where arms are open and you are mine. I'll weep no more upon this earth as the heart and soul remain our hearth.


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