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Pictorial Prose
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Thursday, January 19, 2017


Like clouds upon the heavens part
your love is found within my heart,
together beyond the seas and 
throughout my nightly dreams. 

Embrace of souls forever entwine
twist and spiral throughout time,
the song of lovers fills the air as a
reminder of what two have shared.

The dance of memories prevail
as if they placed me in a spell 
locked door of glass reveals
that only time can truly heal.

Silence broken in the night 
music of the heart sings of life,
where you are here close to me,
in reality and not in dreams. 

The bond adheres to all we are,
like the heavens embrace of stars,
for somethings can't be explained
the love has somehow refrained.

No sin is created of such love
for it down it came from above,
blessed are we of this chance 
to share in life's greatest dance.

My head upon your shoulder,
your arms a treasure to delight
as we take to the heavens 
each and every night. 

One heaven above us 
one earth for us to share
and distance has no power
to part this love we share.

I felt it in a tear,
heard it in the rain
 saw it in the morning dove
that wasn't a bit afraid.

Two worlds merging,
so small it has become,
when mountains disappear
by the empowerment of love.


Silly to name my pillow
but I named it after you,
when I hold it tight tonight
I'll whisper " I love you"

I'll dream us together
just a normal kind of day,
falling asleep in your arms
and to feel them when I awake.

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