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Pictorial Prose
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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Gazed into Your Heart

It's not of flesh this meeting
as I recognized from the start, 
that this was very different 
as I gazed into your heart. 

 The view quite amazing 
and I quivered as you jest, as
something else was happening
and this was love at its best. 

I need not look into your eyes 
or see that smile of yours appear 
while life took on a different view 
when two souls stopped to share.

As if the puzzle was completed and
your heart fit comfortably in mine
I found this unique connection which
was lost in some God forsaken rhyme. 

The feelings of love, compassion and desire intrigued me even more with each passing hour. I knew it was different and yet very much the same as I felt the comfort like two as one molded out of clay.

Skies of stardust and mountains into sand, as nothing could redirect this unwritten plan, maybe not of fate or destiny's design but I am ever certain your soul was to meet up with mine.

If this be the challenge  for some eternal bliss to conquer all of distance and unite with a kiss, when time no longer passes and the days have slipped away, I'll meet you in the clouds where our love will be on display.

This love has no measurement as it grows with each passing day , companion, friend and lover just a breath away. It may seem a bit obsessive for me once more to say" I love you more than a lifetime of those tiny drops of rain . "

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