Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Another Winter

Here in the hollow, 
in the middle of the woods, 
I face another winter
as few really could. 

The deer are digging 
at the roots of the fern 
and the feeders are filled
with a variety of birds. 

The hills stand silent to be
awakened by the wind and
the night is approaching 
as if the day has yet to begin. 

I find myself dreaming 
to fill this void from inside
wishing you were here 
and not within my mind.

No rainbows to arch the sky
or a bridge to unite you and I,
but still I see the stars shining
bright they belong to you and
I each and every night. 

Snow once more falling 
blankets the hills in white
sending a deep chill 
which I can't fight.

It is just a few months till May,
I am being very optimistic 
as each day and night passes 
and the snow will soon fade.

My fingers on the keyboard
and my thoughts there with you
as I write the words 
my heart takes to the blue. 

Call it crazy this silly thing 
that comes from deep inside 
and feels so like magic 
or a gift of love that springs
from the mind.

Hold onto the memories
cast away all the gray
replacing it with images
as the embrace of love

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