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Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, February 09, 2016

No Valentine For Me

Dancing without moving
to the song of your heart,
in an embrace of love
that takes to the stars.

The sky is quite amazing
in a celestial kind of way,
where the heavens invite
you to dream the night away.

When you and I are together
there is nothing I can't do,
I can climb a mountain
just to lasso for you the moon.

The sky is a shade of
subtle like pink and blue
and a canvas of color that
I wait to share with you.

You empower my spirit,
you challenge me in all I do,
with your sweet love making
 all my dreams come true.

You can't be my valentine
for that comes once a year
and everyday I celebrate
with my sweet teddy bear.

You're my first thought
each and every morning
and my dreams at night,
more than a valentine
you are my whole life.

We don't need a holiday
from a silly hallmark store,
for the heavens scripted a
card for you whom I adore.

Everyone can see it,
it makes the sky so blue
and gives sun to a rainy day
that is what our love can do.

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