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Pictorial Prose
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Thursday, February 18, 2016

My Thoughts

The sun a bit deceiving shining brightly in the morn
and though it lit the heavens the hills were white from
where the snow adorned.

I knew the season was in passing and soon spring
would fill the air reminding us of all that we have
yet to share.

It may not be understood by all that pass our way
nor does it really matter as it is what time has
yet to convey.

Nor is it just a simple need that anyone can fulfill
but a rather complex emotion that renders my
heart still.

The message of the soul which speaks not of
voice or song but speaks through all of matter
whether of the heavens or earthly born.

The revelation appears through a flowers bloom,
the sun set , the moon rise and the stars that
blanket the heavens blue.

When you look around and all is as it should be,
remember that it was created by our love
and dreams.


I have shared all aspects of my emotions with the world and yet this sacred place within my heart and soul are reserved for you alone. Together and yet apart, close and yet distant, severed  by the mountains and united as one by the heavens. This eternal paradise surrounds us with a tranquil sense of peace, that can only heighten our awareness of true love.

Our emotional connection is a gift acknowledged
 by the heart and blessed by the heavens.
I once wondered does all of love experienced
feel the same as the magic between our two hearts....impossible.
Our life is like a tapestry woven
with golden threads.
To comfort the heart,
excite the soul is to challenge the journey.
If our paths had not crossed the world would be much darker and colder.
Just knowing you love me ....
It is not that we search to find such a love,
I think love searched us out...uniting our heart and souls.
I could never imagine what it is my heart now feels,
for there is not enough time in a day.

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