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Friday, June 21, 2013

Simple Pleasures

You know how a song haunts you so much and you can't shake it? Even worse it strokes memories of people, places and things. I needed a song to override another, so to redirect my thoughts. Kind of like a " zip Dee do da song. "  No matter where I redirect my mind keeps dwelling, " what if?"

What if we held on tighter?
While time spun us all around.

What if our yesterdays were changed?
To place you in my arms once again.

What if dreams really do come true?
The rest of my days would be
entwined soul to soul with you.

I can see beyond the dreams,
sandcastles and gulls at sea.
I can see you there as if the
distance had faded away.
I can see the love we share,
its the magic that I adhere.
I can see forever love, for
I'll keep you here with me.

If I were to wake up , may
it be in your arms, where
all is made possible via the

If I were to make a wish,
I'd make my wish come
true, to be there with you
my darling dancing under
the blue.

If I were to say goodbye,
it wouldn't be for your ears,
because nothing can separate
the love that true lovers share.

Simple Little Pleasures

To wake up and see your smile,
to feel your arms around me.
To taste the sweetness of lips
as we celebrate the memories.

To live as if it was forever,
and love with passion and desire.
To know that we are bonded,
through the heart and soul.

Once more to hold you hand,
once more to feel your embrace,
once more to taste your kiss
while hearts race.

Once more to hear your voice,
once more to see you smile,
once more to stroll with you
through the heavens blue.

Once more to whisper sweet
one more to live the dreams.
Once more to share a day in
this  most amazing way.

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