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Pictorial Prose
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Monday, June 18, 2012

Each and Every Day

I have been up since 2 am and in the silence and through the darkness the mind wades through the thicket of emotion. I felt the water of a thousand seas and the freedom that surfaces as I felt my soul come up for air. Taking a deep breath I blew away all that remained of the days gone by as I stood in the realm of reality. 
The sun has yet to rise and the silence of the early morn is broken only by my own thoughts. Like dominoes that lean one upon the other, my experiences pushed forward, but not with the control that once dominated my being. 

The Teetering of Emotions

Up and down,from the earth to the clouds high, balancing my emotions and the dreams of you and I. No rain falling,
the night is still and in the darkness, my heart your tenderness feels. Like the sun on the flowers, the wind to my soul warms my very being with a gentle and loving  hold. No tears or sadness, we replaced the grey, painting the skies blue each and every day. 

Hold me, 
hold me,
hold me 
love and 
never let
me go. 

Kiss me,
kiss me, 
kiss me 
unto you
my heart 

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