Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
Indulging my most lucid daydreams

Sunday, June 10, 2012

...your love in me.

Baseball games,
children play
and all I can 
think of is...
I love you. 

Sunshine, dreams 
and memories 
and all I can think
of is ... I love you. 

Land of Bridges,
skies of blue and
the rivers that run
through and all I 
can think of is
I love you. 

The child's memories,
and insecure teen and
the struggles that time

All I can say is that
it was yesterday and
tomorrow awaits.

The bluest of blue skies,
happiness and love from
me to you, my special one.

Like and angel smiling,
a dream of the heart,
it seems as if you've
been with me from
the start.

White linen,
candle light,
a table for two,
you and I all
night lost in
a dream or

Sharing in the
moment, holding
your hand and
a gentle kiss
between two
lovers that
bridges sea
and land.

Gaze on out
the window
at the rivers
down below.
This is where
my life began
and I have yet
to know where
it will go.

Where does the dream begin
 and end, on a road with hills
 and a few bends?  If I had my
way I'd be with you, each and
 every day under skies blue.

How can we make it slow?
The time that passes as our
 hearts grow. If I could hold
still the hands of time, I 'd
 make sure you were in
 these arms of mine.


I haven't forgotten how love should feel, that special embrace that makes the heart stand still. The whisk of your breath quick to my cheek and the love we hold through our dreams. Soft and gentle, beautiful as can be, the love that I feel is your love in me.

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