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Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I don't know where the month of June went, it is like a blink in time. The weather has cooled a little  bit and it is perfect for sleeping. I actually just enjoy lying in bed listening to the rooster crow and the birds chirp and the fan purr.
We go through life achieving and reaching a certain set of milestones. I am not referencing the usual achievements, church, school, birthdays and holidays that celebrate everything from anniversaries to marriage. I am referring to the milestones that are unique to each of us as individuals.  Many of these moments which are documented in time came a little later in life for me. When I think about it, I created a company, learned to drive and with each day I stroll through the day with the excitement and wonder that brings with it new experiences.
Sunday I traveled a little further into the mountains. Traveling alone I was a bit over anxious, over cautious and overly concerned with whether I could do it or not. As I took to the road and the traffic was minimal to the usual week day traffic, I felt at ease and much more relaxed. Pulling into the Christian Clay Winery,  I entered a zone of both a warmth and a comfort. I had reached a milestone, I had traveled, set up and succeeded in carrying out my endeavors , some that people only dream of.
Celebration! We celebrate many holidays throughout the year, but the greatest of celebration is with each morning. We rise to meet the rays of the sun and the mystery that life unravels before us. I use to be more concerned with my legacy what I would leave behind than in the days celebration. I can't help repeating the cliche as it is going back to the writings of shakespeare " all the world is a stage..." That little space under the tent is my stage and I rule my little world. The excitement comes knowing I can and I am doing. I have faced many fears and stood my ground as I challenged the trials. Somewhere on my desk, under a mountain of papers is the little framed engine " I think I can..I think I can, I know I can!"
Where will this journey take me and what will come of it all? That I don't know, there is no crystal ball to tell the future. But I have learned to appreciate the magic of the moment , the glory of the day and the privilege to journey but once through life.
I was speaking with my mothers, I was her fifth pregnancy and she said" I should have stopped after the first. " I said " I wouldn't have been born had you stopped " She replied " I wouldn't have missed what I didn't know" Well I wasn't all so excited to hear her version of life and regrets. But I am here and I am alive and I have even in a  minuscule way made a difference in the world, in the lives of my children, family and friends. Just as family and friends and the people I have met make a difference in my life.

The Glory

To watch the sunrise,
stroll by the stream,
blanket in the grass,
lay and daydream.

Challenge each moment,
while holding your hand
and celebrate the glory
of love of the uncharted

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