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Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

From the heavens...

The start of the rain,
the clouds passing by,
a summer day and
blossoms blowing

My wishes for you,
my dreams that dare
to come true and
the love that is
shared under the blue.


Our dance on the
clouds, our prints in
the sand and our love
I am sure is all part
of the plan.

I felt a bit of sorrow, 
empty inside, I was
wanting and needing 
 to have you here by
 my side. 

I wiped a little tear,
I erased it with a smile,
as I felt your love bridge
the many miles. 

Things you take for 
granted but dare not
say, like the holding
of my hand each and 
every day. 

The unexpected makes
us all aware that we 
we are graced with each
day we share. 


I won't let in the darkness,
no clouds of gray, I won't 
let the sorrow rule my day. 

I won't let  the memories, 
no thoughts of pain, I 
won't let the night take
my sunshine away. 

Opening the curtains, 
the sun came shining 
through and on this 
special day I felt your
love infuse. 

It calmed my rattled soul, 
it soothed my restless heart
and on this day your love 
gave meaning from the start. 

Windows in the mountains
full of dreams and I opened 
them one by one and they
brought your love to me. 

Hugs and kisses, dances 
in the heavens high and
when I stopped to look 
through your love caught
me by surprise. 

The sun was going down 
and the moon began to rise
and again I thanked the Lord
for giving me a sign. 

This my love is a special place 
indeed, for only you and I 
can enter this dream. 

Sparkling star dust falling from
the sky, blankets us with hope
and faith to get us by. 

I prayed in silence, removing 
all traces of fear as I looked 
around the hollow and felt
your presence near, I knew
that I experienced love, 
because you my darling care. 

Whenever my mind wanders 
through the dark and gray, 
I think of you and the darkness

Whenever there is a trace of fear,
and I overwhelmed and need to share,
I reach for  you and find your hand 
reaching back across the land. 

Whenever I can't see and my eyes
are blinded and I am on my knees. I 
close my eyes and I reach for you
and you appear right out of the blue. 

wanting more under God's blue skies,
I close my eyes and like a star at night,
I find that all I need is in sight. 

Whether there is a God, Natures creation or a miracle of science, it is obvious that we are a speck in this great masterpiece called the Universe. We are a source of energy that leans either towards the positive or the negative. It is in the revelation that selfishness appears and our wanting ways create barriers, tear down bridges and drain the seas. 

We hold the reigns and happiness control, 
guided through darkness a light to behold. 
The fortune and success that is seen, is 
bestowed through friendship right out of need. 
I placed a rose each day 
as a reminder of the games
people play. 

My soul once took flight 
and damned the wrong 
and made it right. 


I cannot  change my yesterday
and today will pass on by and 
with you close to me tomorrow
will belong to you and I. 


I am but a pebble and in the sea I dwell 
and with your love we replaced the darkness
and removed all traces of hell. 

We wiped away the heartache, 
we dispersed all the loneliness and fear
and on this day I celebrate all that 
we have come to share. 

Expectation is the move of a foolish heart..

I am okay, not because I live in your world or that you live in mine, 
but that we live in a world separate from them both. Unique to us.....


I looked back only to see that 
I was mirroring my own future. 

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