Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
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Monday, March 25, 2013

Summer Sky Blue

Encircled in the moment,
the wind spirals my soul,
reminders of your love
and the embrace of old.

Seasoned with the time,
the memories unfold and
reveal the priceless treasure
like the finest of  gold.

Charmed by the sweetness
of a summer sky blue and 
the whimsical dreams   
shared daily with you. 

Pleasant the images 
that I embrace, as they 
bring your love to our
sweet happy place. 

Charmed by the sweetness
of a summer sky blue and 
the whimsical dreams 
shared daily with you. 

I looked at the mountains, 
gazed out at the sea and 
wondered what life had
in store for me. 

Would there be someone 
to hold me at night or 
I would I be lonely for 
the rest of my life?

Silent the moment, 
no words did I hear,
but the music soft 
played to my ear. 

Follow your heart
as it quickly unfolds,
revealing the treasures
within your soul. 

The magic of love
like the finest of lace,
is woven of threads  
held tightly in place. 

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