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Saturday, March 02, 2013

Here in My Heart, Soul and Mind

You can travel the world over
and see all the beauty there is
to find and when the day has
passed you'll know I have
never left your side.

My heart is always open and
you may step on in and rest
your weary soul from the
moment the day begins.

You can travel the world over
and see all the beauty there is
to find and when the day has
passed you'll know I have never
left your side.

My heart houses your love,
warm and wonderful, it
keeps me next to you. Like
a dream that each day
comes true.

My heart houses your love,
peaceful and safe inside and
grants the special memories
that in my mind resides.


Here in my heart and in all of my thoughts,
the dreams and the love will never stop.

From earth to the heavens, to the universe
wide, you'll always find me right by your side.

Under the stars on a stroll each night,
will journey together for the rest of our life.

Here in my heart and in all of my thoughts,
the dreams and the love will never stop.

From a child on I always has this urge to runaway. There were times even as an adult I had secret places where I could hide , think or just get away. Sometimes it was just enough time to pull myself together and gain strength.
If I gave it to much thought I was trapped in a world that I myself created. At one point the solitude gave me a time to heal and the energy to find myself beyond the structure of the whole entwined within the network of family.
I enjoyed the simplicity of sitting down by the stream as I watched the water flow over the rocks. The sound comforting and yet stirred a restlessness from within. I wanted to be understood,accepted supported and loved.
I took this quote from the story of oz, it had importance as a child because it reminded me that we can't step beyond the realm of our being until we ourselves accept the segments within the journey.
"Tin Woodsman What have you learned, Dorothy? 
Dorothy Well, I - I think that it - it wasn't enough to just want to see Uncle Henry and Auntie Em - and it's that - if I ever go looking for my heart's desire again, I won't look any further than my own back yard. Because if it isn't there, I never really lost it to begin with! Is that right? 
I grew up thinking that the quote had some merit, comparative to the old adage " the grass isn't always greener on the other side."  What I have come to understand is that its not always about responsibility, duty, standing still or settling. I do believe it has to do with appreciating what it is you work for and looking at the gifts that we are blessed with on a daily basis. 
Each morning I go to my desk and each morning I find a different note from my daughter. The first one said " Dear Mom, I miss you when I am at school, you are beautiful and I love you."In return I took the markers and I wrote a note and place it in her bedroom " I love you and hope your day at school is not to bad and that you are feeling better, I love you . Mom " 
In my mid forties the thought of my legacy crossed my mine what would I be remembered for. I kept worrying what the world thought of me, but the importance was what my children thought of me. Today all of them came together and helped in painting the house. It was the first time that I can recall them all working together to help with the overwhelming responsibility of maintaining a home. When dinner was ready to be served, I turned to them and said " Thank you for working together and making our house a home. " That is when my youngest children chimed in at the same time  and said "that is yours job, a mom makes a house a home."  I smiled as I remember the mug I got when my son Max was in kindergarten " Mom makes a house a home ." 
I don't think the oz statement means you don't grow or that you settle for less. I tend to believe that like a bird we build a nest and if the nest is strong the babies grow and fly. My sister said once ""why do you go through so much at the holidays? I don' t think they appreciate you." From the moment I had children my job was to make memories. When I am gone from this earth each one them will carry a bit of me with them. 
My hearts desire , there is so much I want to see and do, so much I want to experience. It is crucial as they say" we have all our ducks in a row."  before we journey forward. 
The world is my backyard and I want to explore all that it has to offer. When I received a call to speak at a women's club, I thought who would have guessed that someone would pay me to speak. Acceptance, it is self acceptance that is the building blocks of strength, from one stepping stone to the next. Liking who you are and accepting the journey for all it has to offer. 

A top the mountain ,
across the deepest sea, 
beyond the heartache
to the fondest memories. 

From the first days of spring,
till winter makes a show, 
I'll be grateful for each 
moment and never let it go. 

Deep within my heart 
wherever my travels lead,
I'll always take your love
you are the warmest part of me. 

Angels to greet us 
from the heavens high, 
bringing to us the moments
that give sparkle to the eyes. 
Here in the moment,
right next to me , 
is the love granted, 
like my fondest dreams. 

I feel your embrace, 
both day and night 
holding me tender
and with such a delight. 

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