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Pictorial Prose
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Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Quest for Truth

It is human nature to want to explore and verify the existence of the unknown. Our journey may have us searching the galaxy, our soul and sometimes our very own mind on our quest for the truth or the reality of what is. I doubt we would have to look very far, as the answers lie within us. Whether we choose to see them or not it is up to each individual to explore and accept.  In some instances  the truth is very different depending how we choose to interpret it. The variations of our journey is the script in which we live.

There was a clarity to the moment,
sad but obviously true and as I gazed
unto the blue skies  my thoughts
raced to you.

Trapped like a fly in a spiders web,
struggling to break free and surface
to get my breath.

The reality a doorway, truth a window
or two and I looked out one and the
other I walked on through.

I made my way through the darkness
as I saw the heavens blue and there
upon the clouds was reality and a dream
or two.

The truth brought an ache that I preferred
to deny as I envisioned a fantasy that
comforted heart, soul and mind.

Time was indeed passing and I held on
so long , dreaming of a paradise where
my soul belonged.

I didn't want to accept the years that
passed on by, but the truth lay in my
heart each and every time I cried.

I hate the game of chess
     the ponds are expendable...
The conclusion is in the final script,
individually written and 
dictated by choice. 

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