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Pictorial Prose
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Monday, September 07, 2015

Trigger the Emotion

There is a song in my heart of sweet melody,
on the chords of love written in a dream.
I am certain that we weren't meant to be,
that life is magical and you are a part of me.
It is not what we say but all that we do,
for you touched my heart and soared my soul to the blue.
Every moment shared is a dream come true,
the more I know you , the more I love you.
Believe in the whispers of the heart,
recorded by the stars in the heavens. .
There is no distance between us,
miles cannot keep us a part
for you are with me
you are here in
my heart.

Look deep into your soul
and see all life has to offer.
Explore within yourself
and allow the love to flow.

Channel all the energy from
all that is locked inside,
the precious treasure of life
with you by my side.

Trigger all the emotion
so that you may truly feel,
all that belongs to you and I
until the night stands still.

Look deep into your soul
and all that we can be.
The gift most certainly
is the love that sets souls


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